About Clark County, Nevada

Clark County was established February 5, 1908 honoring the U.S. Senator, William A. Clark from Montana. He is also known famously for building the Railroads for San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake. The size of Clark County is 7,881 square miles, comparable to the area of Massachusetts.

Clark County is the fastest growing county in the nation, with an expanding population of over 1.6 million. Inhabitants of Clark County enjoy a low tax rate including no state income tax, a flourishing business climate, great weather, friendly people and many different types of recreational activities.

Clark County contains Las Vegas, known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and 14 of the nation's 15 largest hotels. The famous Las Vegas Strip hosts many of the 35 million tourists who come to the Las Vegas valley each year to enjoy world-class entertainment and hospitality, conventions, splendid casinos, fine restaurants and dazzling array of shopping venues.

Clark County is diverse. The Clark County government is poised to meet expansion and diversity needs. It provides urban services to the community. In fact, more people live in urban Clark County than in any of Southern Nevada's cities, including the city of Las Vegas. Geographically, this area of the unincorporated county includes the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and McCarran International Airport, the Las Vegas Convention Center, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and of course, the neighborhoods where our residents live, work, and play.

It also provides regional services for more than 1.6 million residents and over 35 million tourists a year. The county also operates multiple airports including the McCarran, Southern Nevada's only public hospital, social services, community planning and the court system. Clark County is also key in promoting tourism, transportation, public health and flood control.

Much of the population of Clark County is found in the Las Vegas area and is considered part of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area.


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