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Las Vegas real estate has seen a huge increase in appreciation in recent years. New home values and resale home values alike have gained tremendously. Land prices have increased a great deal as well. So, many ask, "what is Las Vegas like as a community?" Many imagine The Strip as the way of the city. Many picture glitz, glamour, gaming, and excitement 24x7, 365 days a year. For some, that is true. The Las Vegas community provides residents with whatever they look for. If a resident wants constant excitement there is plenty of it. On the other hand, if one wants a strong job market they will find it. If they want a quiet neighborhood to live in there are many. Schools, shopping centers, business centers, motor speed ways, desert mountains, social clubs, churches (some reports have suggested there are more churches per capita in Las Vegas than any other city), martial arts centers, etc. In Las Vegas, if you want something, you can find it.

Las Vegas government also contributes to the culture and growth. Mayor Goodman and other officials strive to foster business expansion and promote city growth. They also take on the struggles that accompany a rapidly growing city. The employment situation here means there is a steady demand for housing which in turn creates a strong housing market.

Las Vegas has great freeway access and serves as a central hub for many causeways. Common to many cities with a high rate of growth, Las Vegas freeways can get backed up during rush hour traffic. There is currently a strong movement for roadway expansion at the city center as well as in many other parts of town.

Builders throughout the valley have placed a lot of emphasis on comfortable housing. You can find just about any style, floorplan, and reasonable price. Communities are built to fit the tastes of many different groups of people.


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