South West Las Vegas Communities

South West Las Vegas Communities are part of a strong developmental movement of new homes. For decades the area has been barren desert with an occasional home. Now, it is a thriving location for Las Vegas residents looking for a comfortable way of life. Communities like Rhodes Ranch and the expansive Mountains Edge master planned community offer home buyers a great variety of housing options. Styles, prices, and amenities vary considerably from community to community.

Hundreds of new homes are popping up in skillfully crafted neighborhoods. Trees and vegetation are imported turning the desert into an oasis. Some of the larger communities surround golf courses and some have access to community swimming pools and other recreational facilities.

The I-215 was recently completed in that area of town and it provides stop-light free travel along the south west end of the beltway. As new Las Vegas real estate developments are established new roads are added or enhanced. In the next few years considerable work will be done in the area to cater to the vast number of new residents.

Like the north west, there are land sellers and developers who have custom home lots. Home buyers can build a house to their specifications and according to their time frames. Land values have increased a great deal over the last decade and are expected to over the next decade.

Quality Las Vegas home builders are responsible for the construction and development of south west Las Vegas communities. They often offer incentives and warranties to care for their customers.

Many south west Las Vegas houses have great views of the mountains in the south and west of the valley. Some homes can see the Strip and many are built near parks or golf courses. The surroundings of these homes offer some spectacular vistas.

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