About Las Vegas, Nevada

There are hundreds of reasons to live in Las Vegas or invest here. Las Vegas is booming. World renown shows, clubs, casinos, hotels draw millions of locals and tourists annually. Real estate has appreciated at historic rates. New casino projects are popping up all over, high rise condos/hotels are scheduled by the dozens, jobs are abundant, new home developments continue to build out as demand for property is on the steady rise and tourist flood The Strip.

Las Vegas is in its Manhattanization Phase. Great city growth, both outward and upward, is anticipated over the next decade. Job growth has been strong and with massive entertainment and retail projects currently under way it is expected that many more jobs will become available.

The Strip provides some of the finest entertainment available. Unique performances like the Blue Man Group, Siegfried and Roy, Celine Dion, and others hold audiences captive. Comedians come from all across the country to show their stuff. Clubs like Studio 54, House of Blues, Tangerine, The Beach, Curve, Lure, and many more stimulate the night life. Gaming is available at all hours of the day and night.

Though The Strip is exciting and constantly buzzing with activity it isn't the only place in Vegas for entertainment. Station casinos throughout the valley provide state of the art movie theaters, bowling alleys, clubs, and great eats. Speaking of food, Las Vegas hosts some of the finest dining available. Throughout the valley you can find entrees of any style and origin of food.

Local housing is surrounded by great schools, parks, easy access freeways, shopping, and jobs. People can choose from many different types of communities to fit their taste.

Las Vegas weather and geological location suit many. The valley averages more than 310 days of sunshine and has little change of diverse weather like hurricane or snow and frost. The Vegas Valley is only 4 or 5 hours away from the west coast and all it has to offer. Snow skiing is on only an hour to an hour and a half away. Interestingly enough, some authorities claim that Las Vegas is one of the most secure locations for data centers because of the weather and geographical zones it sits in. It doesn't get the typical snow from the north, hurricanes and tornados of the south, or earthquakes of the west coast.

Las Vegas has been known for its diverse, enjoyable, and prosperous living.


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