The Summerlin Community, Las Vegas, NV

Summerlin is located at the northwest part of the valley. Located within the foothills of the beautiful Red Rock Mountain Range are well planned communities and neighborhoods. Summerlin is well known throughout the nation and is often synonymous with "living in Las Vegas".

About 22,500 acres were purchased by the Howard Hughes Corporation intending to build a large-scale master-planned community land development. Much of the major infrastructure has been built for years and many more homes are yet to be constructed. Summerlin is one of the top communities for home starts and sales in Las Vegas.

Families of all sizes and incomes call the community home. Summerlin is known for its lifestyle and the awe of its beautiful natural surroundings, street designs, parks, and neighborhoods. An abundance of parks, trails, golf courses, along with great schools, houses of worship, cultural facilities, shopping centers, business centers, and medical facilities create an incomparable lifestyle. Hundreds of homes are built annually and newcomers request to explore the housing options as a first request.

Summerlin has several points of access from the I-215 and Summerlin Parkway. It is only minutes from the entrance to the canyon leading to Red Rock. Many homes are positioned in the mountainous regions and boast spectacular views of the strip.

Summerlin Homes and Real Estate

Summerlin real estate is considered among some of the top in the country. In fact, people come from all over the world to live in quality homes built by renown builders. Summerlin real estate has appreciated greatly in recent years. Residents take advantage of a well planned, well kept Las Vegas community.

Summerlin is considered one of the great places to live in the United States. In 2002 it was voted by CNN as one of the top places to live in America:

"Las Vegas – Summerlin is a top community in the city with its residential, commercial and civic features. Downtown Vegas is making a comeback while Boulder City, the only township in Nevada to ban gaming, proves there is life off of the strip."
Ten Best Places to Live in America - CNN Money

Neighborhoods Located in Summerlin

  • Centre Real Estate in Summerlin
  • The Arbors Real Estate in Summerlin
  • The Canyons Real Estate in Summerlin
  • The Gardens Real Estate in Summerlin
  • The Hills Real Estate in Summerlin
  • The Mesa Real Estate in Summerlin
  • Paseos Real Estate in Summerlin
  • Pueblo Real Estate in Summerlin
  • Trails Real Estate in Summerlin
  • The Vistas Real Estate in Summerlin
  • The Willows Real Estate in Summerlin
  • Sun City Real Estate in Summerlin
  • West Summerlin Real Estate

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