Las Vegas Schools

It is estimated that 10 New Schools per year are being added to the Las Vegas Valley to accommodate growth. New teachers are added and communities planned around these new facilities. Families with younger children can find great elementary or middle schools. High schools generally rank well with others throughout the nation based on test results. Some, like Green Valley High School consistently rank near the top of the nation.

Las Vegas Schools

Many parents desire a great education for their students. They seek diligently for adequate schools. In some cases parents give up extra comforts in housing and will pay a little more to live in an area with a reputable school.

Rapid population growth throughout the valley has created a challenge for politicians and school board members. Some of the newer schools across the valley show test scores lower than expected because of the number of children entering the new school as they move into the valley. It takes time for students to settle in.

Finding a significant number of teachers to fill the open faculty positions also presents an issue. Recruiters are searching throughout the US to fill voids. It will take time to find an equalibrium.

Parents often choose well established schools because they believe them to be more stable. They find housing near reputable schools and believe to reap the benefits of a great education for their students.

Undergrad college students have the selection of various schools to choose from within the Las Vegas Valley. Among these colleges is UNLV and Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN). You can find more college and specialty schools here:


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