Las Vegas Major Streets and Roadways

Las Vegas streets and roadways have expanded to handle a large amount of traffic due to recent city growth and real estate purchases as home builders continue to develop great communities. Though some areas have their high-traffic times much of the Las Vegas road system handles traffic efficiently and commuters are able to quickly move about.

Here is a list of many of the roadways you will hear about when you move to the valley:

Las Vegas Freeways and Highways

Las Vegas is traversed from several major roadways. Basically, there is a large "C" shape with a large "X" cutting through the whole city.

  • Beltway 215 - The 215 wraps around the outside of the city forming a "C" shape. It serves much of the valley and for much of it there are no stop lights.
  • I-15 (Interstate I-15) - The I-15 comes up from California from the Southwest and moves North East into Utah forming one cross of the "X".
  • I-515/I-95 - The 95, as commonly known in the valley, cuts through the heart of the city from South East to North West creating another cross in the "X".
  • Summerlin Pkwy - The Summerlin Pkwy connects the west side of town through Summerlin to the 95 which feeds into the spaghetti bowl in the center of town right near the Strip.

Major Las Vegas Streets Running East and West (ordered from north to south)

  • Grand Teton Dr.
  • Elkhorn Rd.
  • Centennial Pkwy.
  • Ann Rd.
  • Craig Rd.
  • Cheyenne Ave.
  • Lake Mead Blvd.
  • Washington Ave.
  • Charleston Blvd.
  • Sahara Ave.
  • Desert Inn Rd.
  • Flamingo Rd.
  • Tropicana Ave.
  • Russell Rd.
  • Sunset Rd.
  • Warm Springs Rd.
  • Windmill Ln.
  • Blue Diamond Rd.
  • St. Rose Pkwy.

Major Las Vegas Streets Running North and South (ordered from west to east)

  • Town Center Dr.
  • Hualapai Way
  • Fort Apache Rd.
  • Durango Dr.
  • Buffalo Dr.
  • Rainbow Blvd.
  • Jones Blvd.
  • Decatur Blvd.
  • Valley View Blvd.
  • Rancho Dr.
  • Martin Luther King Blvd.
  • Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Eastern Avd.
  • Pecos Rd.
  • Green Valley Pkwy.
  • Stephanie St.
  • Boulder Hwy.
  • Racetrack Rd.

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