Paying Las Vegas HOA (Home Owners Association) Fees

Do I have to pay Las Vegas association fees? The clear answer is: it depends. Home owners associations are designed to establish rules and guidelines around how a community is maintained and kept. If the community you move into has an association they have a type of police power to ensure that the rules and guidelines are followed.

Benefits of a Las Vegas Association
Typically, communities with associations appear clean, well maintained, etc. Vehicles are not left curb side. Homes aren't painted wild colors. Trash and unwanted items are not visible from the street. Lawns are likely fully landscaped. The idea is an association is designed to ensure all occupants maintain a certain standard so others can live in a well-kept environment.

A budget is kept to finance meeting facilities for the association board, payment of some association personnel, and remediation costs. You will need to look into your association to see how it is run before you move in. You agent will aid in getting you the documentation.

Consequences of Not Paying Your Las Vegas Association Fees
You may be fined if you don't stay current on your payments. Punishments may be worse if you remain delinquent. Investigate the documentation.

Some areas do not have associations. They are more lenient but may suffer in appearance. You will need to decide based on your finances and your preferences if an association is right for you.


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