Las Vegas City Descriptions

The Greater Las Vegas Valley is comprised of multiple cities. Each has its own set of distinct communities and amenities. They each are governed by a local body unless they are unincorporated, in which case they are governed by Clark County. Three primary cities fill the Las Vegas Valley. Boulder City, as well as some other smaller unincorporated communities, are often grouped in as "Las Vegas".

Las Vegas cities typically have a similar feel and culture. However, there are differences in each that provide residents with choices according to their housing and community preferences. Each city has its communities away from The Strip and each has communities with relatively quick access to The Strip. Each city has amenities like parks, golf courses, shopping centers, business parks, schools, and recreational facilities to enhance your standard of living.

Some of the community laws differ from city to city. Some deal with gaming differently than Las Vegas proper. Each has its own governing body and it is important to look into each as you prepare to move to the valley.

Las Vegas City Communities


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