Shopping in Las Vegas

Malls and Retail Stores throughout the Las Vegas Valley provide great shopping opportunities. Some are renown for their styles and some for their prices. Below is a directory of the malls in the valley.

Shopping Options

The Las Vegas Valley provides many Outlet Malls as well. Great prices and bargains are available as The Valley becomes a hub for goods. Many casino resorts also have theme stores and shops for tourists looking for something unique.

Directory of Las Vegas Malls

You may be interested in auto shopping. The auto mall is located on the south end of I-95 (515) and is marked by exits. Sahara Ave. also hosts dealerships and showrooms of all types.

Great bargains and interesting buying environments can be found throughout the city. Whether you are here as a visitor, you plan to live here, or you live here now you can enjoy the excitement of shopping in Las Vegas!

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Furniture Capital of the World

The Furniture Capital of the World will soon be located in the Las Vegas. Massive outlets and store facilities are either projected, under construction, or completed. They will draw enough people to the Valley to buy or to sell to make it known throughout the world. Multiple buildings are being erected just off the strip on I-15 and I-95. People from all over will come to experience the city's furniture commerce.

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