Perks to Las Vegas Living

What one person considers a "perk" versus someone else is completely subjective. However, we have found some cool aspects of the city that stand out to us and we feel they may be important to you.

  • Entertainment - Las Vegas has been called "The Entertainment Capital of the World". People from all over the world recognize the name and associate it with fine shows, food, parties, gaming, etc.

  • Schools - Believe it or not Green Valley High School was recently voted as one of the top high schools in the nation.

  • Sunlight - Studies show that sunlight affects people emotionally. The Valley averages 310 days of sunlight.

  • Golf Courses - Some of the best golf courses in town have been rated amongst the top in the world.

  • Churches - Regardless of your faith you will find many churches and denominations.

  • Employment - The current job market is strong. There are many available jobs and many more scheduled to become available with the development of many new businesses and casinos.

  • Variety - Whether it is housing, cultures, or pretty much anything else you will find variety.

  • Great Home Appreciation - The past few years have provided some of the best home appreciation throughout the valley making Las Vegas an American hot spot.

  • Taxes - Casinos in Las Vegas make a lot of money and are taxed heavily. They are taxed instead of requiring an income tax on individuals. Property taxes and other taxes are all affected because of the states revenue from casino income.


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