The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip, located on Las Vegas Boulevard, is not only a land mark for Las Vegas and Nevada, it is a global landmark. Over 30 million people per year visit Las Vegas. Most visitors will end up on The Strip to tour the casinos, gamble, catch a show, attend a convention, etc. Las Vegas hosts more than 124,000 hotel rooms of which most are on The Strip. Nine out of ten of the largest hotels in the world are located there.

In the early 1930s the first casino was licensed. Today, gaming revenue exceeds $9 billion annually for more than 1700 licensed places to gamble. Some 87% of all visitors will gamble during their stay.

The McCarran airport is located just off of the south end of The Strip. It handles an average 850 flights per day to transport 2.4 million visitors per month.

The Las Vegas Strip is known for its excitement, glamour, lights, shows, massive casinos (many of which are theme based) and great dining. Celebrities book many of the clubs for special events to host parties. The ability to handle many visitors makes Las Vegas a common option for large sporting events, celebrity tours, and other major events. The slogan "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is well recognized by many and is usually referring to visits to The Strip.

The strip is undergoing a transformation. Landmark buildings (recently the Stardust) are being demolished to make room for amazing new real estate projects. Las Vegas Real Estate on the strip has been known to sell for $11 million per acre. Huge high rises have been built to cater to high demand for housing on The Strip. MGM is building a massive project called City Center which is estimated to cost around $7 billion. Other impressive projects are scheduled as the Las Vegas sky line changes and becomes even more impressive.


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