Lone Mountain Community, Las Vegas, NV

Lone Mountain real estate is located in northwest Las Vegas. Much of the area is still under development. Until the last couple of decades developments were sparse in this part of town. In fact, many of the roads and streets are still narrow because no major infrastructure has been put in place. Las Vegas has only recently absorbed this rural end of the valley.

The Lone Mountain area is named by an independent peak standing in the middle of several communities. People will hike it for a quick day adventure. It provides some great views along with some of the other mountains in the area. Some of the homes are elevated and are able to look out over the city.

Lone Mountain Homes and Real Estate

Many of the houses in the area are custom. It is difficult to assemble enough lots to make large developments so the lots are often sold alone or in small groups. When developments are established fine homes are built.

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